Wishing to take violin instructional videos to an even deeper level, Prof. Fitzpatrick has created a series of videos called “Violin Connections”! William started using computer applications to advance violin study during his 15 year stay in France which led him upon his return to the US in 1998 to create MusiShare. William’s relentless search for creative, computer assisted ways to advance violin study was the major force behind the creation of “Violin Connections”. Based on his 62 videos created for VirtualSheetMusic, which center on the basic concepts involved in learning the violin, Violin Connections expands on this information by using scales, etudes and the violin performance repertoire to focus on the connections that exist in learning the violin between what to do, how to do it and where to do it. These 25-45 minute videos contain embedded english sub-titles to assist non-english speakers.

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The “Violin Connections” series is available as a Monthly Subscription ($4.50 per month) - This allows you to view all the videos as many times as you wish any video during the 30 day subscription period. Subscribing is a great way for teachers to show these videos to their students! Or to Buy ($6.50 per video) - Purchasing a video enables you to download a video and permanently add it to your class or personal video collection. Below are the current videos available but five more are scheduled to be produced before April 2019 and this will complete the first stage of the series!

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